You may have found my website through the work that I do with grief recovery around losing a child to addiction. If this is you, I have walked in your shoes and I have felt your anguish. You are not alone. Whether you are a parent, a friend, a family member, or simply put, someone who cares about the Fentanyl epidemic–we can connect and support one another.

Shadows of Grief – The Book

Shadows of Grief chronicles the struggles of a mother who loved, fought for, and lost a child in the fight for his life with addiction. The ups, downs, fears, and terrors of this journey are shared here with a spirit of raw vulnerability. Tracy Norris takes readers back to her earliest parenting memories, uncovering the red flags that were too hard to recognize until the dust had settled, and her child’s fight with substance abuse was already lost.

Over the past several years of coping with and learning to live with my son’s addiction, I have grown from and drawn strength from online communities that focus on loving or praying for an addict.

While these communities still and always will mean a lot to me, my needs have shifted as I am now in need of a new community where grief and growth can coexist and some purpose, passion, or vision of a new normal can surface in the shadows of loss.

If you have lost a loved one to substance abuse, my heart breaks with yours and for you. If you need to scream, yell, cry, vent, or question everything that you have ever known to be true- you are not alone.

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