Coming Soon – Projected Release Date March 10, 2024

Shadows of Grief chronicles the struggles of a mother who loved, fought for, and lost a child in the fight for his life with addiction. The ups, downs, fears, and terrors of this journey are shared here with a spirit of raw vulnerability. Tracy Norris takes readers back to her earliest parenting memories, uncovering the red flags that were too hard to recognize until the dust had settled, and her child’s fight with substance abuse was already lost.

Norris’ focus has shifted from fighting alongside her son to supporting other parents waging the war on drugs and encouraging those who like her, have found themselves in the Shadows of Grief. She believes that there is a call on her life to support the discouraged and grieving parents. Through her own heartache and loss, Norris focuses on putting self-blame aside and working on her own recovery and healing journey. It is her hope that in sharing her lessons learned, other parents will feel less alone, more connected, and encouraged to find strength and peace in their own journeys.

In honor of her son, Marcus and his life the book, Shadows of Grief, is expected to be released on what would have been his 30th birthday. Norris invites readers to participate in this tribute to her sons life, journey, and fight with addiction.

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